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Analog Discover, mouse wheel for timebase zone

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I just downloaded the Waveform and compare with Salae, It has two problem

(1) No zoom for mouse wheels. This is critical feature needed for fast inspection of waveform and signals.

(2) Not clear about sample rate and memory within module and Laptop memory (Salae define sample rate limited by USB transfer).;




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In the currently released WaveForms, Scope and Logic Analyze the mouse wheel zoom is working while Ctrl key is held down. This zoom operation is centered on the middle of the scale, changes the time base.
The sample rate is determined by the time base. Rate = Samples/TimeBase The number of samples is by default 4k (device buffer size) and at lower samples rates half of it is used for detecting noise.

In the next WaveForms version the wheel zoom will be based on cursor position, similar to other software behavior.
In this version the sample rate can be adjusted and allows acquiring up to 1M samples, limited by USB transfer rate.

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