What is the procedure in the locked version of Vivado

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Hi how is the file (license) to lock the Vivado baysis3 sent? I got the confirmation i ordered it.  The order file says it is the only email?  Does this come from Xilinix? I can't find anywhere the website or the forum telling me how i am to obtain the code license or what ever?   I have downloaded 15.1 but I don't know what to do next.  My Basys 3 board arrives Monday.  I would like to have the software ready to get started.




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Sorry nobody was here to answer your question over the weekend. Hopefully your board has arrived, so that may have answered your question already, but we ship the licence code in the box. So if your board has not arrived yet, don't worry, you'll get everything you need when it arrives!

Hope that helps!


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