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There will be 4 software programs I need any concerns?


Hi.  I have downloaded Vivado Webpack for my NEXYS4 I don't plan to use any other FPGA but the XC7A100 and smaller  first question is do i need to upgrade to 15.1?  It was very difficult to get 14 working.  I have downloaded Waveform for my analog discovery and will need to download ISE 14.7 for the CPLD's I plan to use in a CR2 board and  now will be installing the locked Vivado version that I will get purchasing the Basys3.  Do i need to do watch  for anything except to make sure they are all in different directories as far as installing these programs on the same machine?



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There shouldn't be any concern with having all of these programs as long as your computer can handle these programs and you have all the proper licensing for the programs that require it. Some of the programs are a large size so make sure you have enough memory for it. Like you said, Just keep all the files you are working with in different directories so they don't cause a problem and you should be good. As for the difference between Vivado 15.1 and the 14 version you have it depends on you. The Xilinix website states that 

The Vivado Design Suite 2015.1 is available now! The latest release includes:

  • The new Vivado Lab Edition, a no-cost, lightweight programming and debug edition of the Vivado Design Suite
  • Interactive Clock Domain Crossing Analysis
  • Accelerated Vivado Simulator and Third-Party Simulation Flows 
  • Xilinx SDK Advanced In-System Performance Analysis and Validation

Whether that is an improvement to what you have depends on what version of Vivado 14 you have and what you're trying to do. What I would recommend is try using the Vivado 14 you have and see if it works for what you are trying to do. If you don't seem to like working with that version of Vivado check out the Xilinix website see if Vivado 15.1 has more features you would like. Just give Vivado 14 a shot and see if it works for what you want.

Good Luck,


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The way it will work is that you will download Vivado from the web and there will be a licensing key that will come with the Basys 3. You will input that key into the program which will let you run the Vivado program for the Basys 3 only.

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