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Netfpga 1g-cml : Ddr3 Memory (possible Design Fault?)



  I've just received two of these, both marked on the silk screen as Rev F.


I was looking at the Rev E.0 schematic which seems to show the DDR3 device,

IC23, as a MT41K512M8RH (a 1.35v DDR3L device) being fed from IC36, a

1.5v power supply.


I checked my board and the memory IC23 is marked "D9QBJ" which according

to the Micron website agrees with the part shown on the schematic, is an "RH"

1.35v device.

I also checked the voltage test point next to IC36 and that rail is definitely 1.5v.


I think there is a problem that the supply to this memory is above the above the

maximum operating voltage in table 21 of the Micron datasheet.


I would appreciate it if someone from Digilent could comment please.





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Looking at the data sheet further, it says the device can be run in 1.5v compatibility mode and therefore shouldn't be a problem.


Sorry for my own misunderstanding.


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