I need to know what features the locked version of Vivado have the WebPack doesn't

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Hi I bought a Nexys 4 mainly due to the 8 digit and the amount of the resources the FPGA had in the Nexys 4 versus the Basys3.  I did not read until later that a locked version of Vivado is with the Basys3.  I am a novice at this technology. Does the locked version of Vivado that only works with Basys3 have the logic analyzer with it or the serial IO analyzer with it?  What are the main differences between locked version and the downloaded webpack i have now?  If it does have these tools in it, then these are tools  that at least give me a better chance of success on a smaller version of my project,  I need to reconsider my not purchasing the Basys in favor of purchasing the Nexys4. 




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Hey LDS,

So the Basys3 locked Design Edition of Vivado will include the logic analyzer and serial I/O analyzer tools, which are not available in the WebPACK. Aside from the locked Design Edition only working with the Basys3 boards, I believe the availability of those tools is the only difference. What sort of project are you trying to implement?

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Thanks NAE I plan to use it for industrial control.  PMODS like the DAC and a ADC along with HB2 and couple custom PMODS I have designed on my own will be the main peripherals used with the Nexys3 or Basys3 boards.  Even though the locked software would be used strictly on the Basys3 couldn't the Basys3 design be imported like a RTL file to the Webpack version and modified to adapt to the Nexys4 board?  My thinking is design the project on a smaller scale with the Basys3 and then take that file to the Webpack version where at least a share of the circuitry has been proven already. I never have put power to the Nexys 4. board yet and maybe able to return it?


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I can't say one way or the other as to whether that would work, since I've never tried something like that myself. Since it would require you to have both boards and you would like to use the tools available through the Design Edition, I'd say you may just want to consider the return for now and determine if you still wanted to implement your project over to another board later. You can contact our sales department by email at [email protected] Digilent's return policy's are also available to view here. Good luck with your project!

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