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Some Questions before ordering a Analog Discovery

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Probably i want order a Analog Discovery. Before that i have some requirements/questions about the possibilities of the equipment/ software.

1) Can i record my Inputs/ Outputs related/synced to each other? This for later calculations in GNU Octave…  (fs_max = 200 kHz)

2) Is it possible to record inputs and outputs based on a trigger in one of the recorded signals. Let say i record 2 inputs and the trigger is one of the inputs?.
Is this trigger adjustable? So that in a noisy environment the trigger not start.

3) I Work mostly with OSX or Ubuntu and I don't have experience with programming outside GNU Octave/ Matlab. What are the possibilities of WaveForm SDK and GUI? Is that something what is easy to learn are there some tutorials or other stuff?

4) Is it posible to work with (long) delays? sends signal on OUT1 and about 1 sec later i get a (complex and longer) response on IN1 how to deal with this. including recording of question 1


Thanks Jan-Bert


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1. In case you are working with up to 4/16k samples these can be buffered on the device at up to 100MHz rate. For more samples and lower rate (<1MHz) you can record from the AnalogIn (scope) inputs and play data on AnalogOut (AWG) outputs.

2. Yes. Edge trigger with hysteresis, pulse length and transition time triggers are availa​ble.

3. The WaveForms3 supports Windows/OSX/Linux. https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/98-waveforms3-beta/
The GUI application can be used in Demo mode to see the software capabilities.
The installers include the SDK (manual, example python/C code). The application uses these functions, so what you can find in application can be done in custom script/application too (and even more).
Alternatively you can use the scripting tool of the GUI application, which lets you interact with the interface, to automate some jobs or save/load data from file. Play is not yet supported by the WF3 GUI.

4. Yes. For simple scope capture you can use the horizontal trigger/time position.
In case ms precision is suffice you can use software delay.
The recording starts immediately on trigger, but if you generate signal with AnalogOut1, you can configure AnalogOut2 or DigitalOut to start exactly 1 seconds after this and configure the scope to trigger on it. Similar to the following post:

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