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Networking help for NETFPGA-1G-CML


hi to all,

I am using NETFPGA-1G-CML. I have ported Linux in it and it is working fine.Now i have enable three Ethernet ports.

PC --------------------> Board1 (ETH0)

I have connected my PC to NETFPGA board via telnet.

Board1 (ETH1)  ----------------> RF Device  -------------- Wireless Medium ----------------- RF Device --------------- Board2 (ETH1)                                                                      

Now i can ping from to & but cant ping

Now when i remove NETFPGA board and put my laptop on one end and set up same ethernet ip. In this i can easily ping from to

Please help me in this regard,

very greatful to you.





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This is the answer we got from people from CML:

He really needs to connect using 
Wireshark and start looking at packet traffic.  
He needs expertise from the Linux / network community at this point, 
which is beyond what we can provide.



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