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Electronics Explorer Board

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hey, I am interested in getting the electronics explorer board. I wanted to know if it had fuses to protect it from shorts or other things that I might accidentally do. I am a student and will probably make mistakes. Also, is there a possibility that I can ruin my computer when connected to 'waveform' via computer? Are the bread boards replaceable?

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The Electronics Explorer is safe for any intentional or accidental internal connections. Interfacing with external supplies or supplied circuits should be used with care and taken in account that the ground of the board is connected to the computer with the USB cable.

The board has the following protections:

- Oscilloscope and Voltmeter inputs have 1MΩ impedance.

- Digital IOs have 220Ω PTC.

- AWG and Reference voltages have 22/220Ω PTC to limit the output current.

- Supplies have voltage and current limitation. Both of these are adjustable for positive and negative supplies.


The breadboards are not replaceable but it should last for long. I'm using one board at least since 5 years. The breadboards are glued and screwed. The smaller ones have the signal contacts soldered to the PCB too. Each signal is available on a pair of breadboard pins, the positive and negative supplies have three, and fixed supply five pairs.

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