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EE board: How to measure AC voltage drop using O-scope.



Simply put; how can I directly measure a component's voltage drop using the inbuilt oscilloscope without pulling in another independent/isolated/floating power supply? 

(I am expecting I can do this using two scope channels and some feature of WaveForms that will extract the difference, yes?)

The experimentation manual for my EE class wants me to measure the AC voltage drop of a component in the middle of a circuit, in this case a resistor between two other resistors. The problem is the scope ground and power supply ground on the EE board are apparently hardwired together, so I can't measure the voltage across anything that isn't already grounded. I can only measure the voltage at a node with respect to ground, which is insufficient.

Note that if this were not an academic project I would probably just calculate the differences in voltage manually and be done. Unfortunately, If I am given a parameter to fill with a measurement, I am required to actually take the measurement. In contrast there are parameters that I must fill by doing the calculation, and I absolutely must not take measurements.

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