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JTAG USB Cable speed

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I am new to the Digilent JTAG-USB cable. I tried to use the Adept SDK samples to control my JTAG device.

I can open and enable the device. The issue is that DjtgGetPortProperties returns a bit 0 for dprpJtgSetSpeed stating that setting the speed is not supported. Indeed, when I call DjtgSetSpeed it returns FALSE.

Is setting the TCLK speed supported on the device?

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Unlike the other programming cables the JTAG-USB does not have speed setting option.

The serialization rates of this cable are:
DjtgPutTdiBits without TDO ~1.49 Mbps
- DjtgPutTdiBits with receive TDO ~
1.08 Mbps
DjtgGetTdoBits ~1.42 Mbps
If you need slower rates you can serialize bit by bit, using 

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