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Using JTAG-USB with SPI cable from Linux



I am fairly new to linux and I am trying to program a cerebot nano. I have the JTAG-USB cable with SPI, rev. b. I have downloaded wine and the AVR programmer but I don't see the device when I enumerate in the AVR programmer. If I use djtgcfg enum, from the terminal:

chris@chris-T510 ~ $ djtgcfg enum
Found 2 device(s)

Device: DCabUsb
    Product Name:   DCabUsb1 V2.0
    User Name:      DCabUsb
    Serial Number:  50003C003874

I did install the usb drivers that came with the AVR programmer, using wine.

Any ideas?

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Currently installing device drivers is not supported in Wine. Wine would not be able to correctly communicate to the usb with a windows driver. So you would not be able to use the jtag-usb in the wine enviroment. You would need to use windows or a windows enviroment to run the AVR Programer.




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