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Nexys4-ddr SD card

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Hi all,
I'm currently working on a project, with a component to write an incoming video stream to a sd card. I was hoping someone could point me down a direction upon to implement a solution. I've looked into the SPI interfacing method. But am unsure how to implement it. I understand that i'll have to use microblaze to act as a processor for the image processing and what not but am unsure where to process forward.

I have also looked into the native sd interface, but i am to understand that to do so would require licensing?

Thank you for your assistance.

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You are right Syaoran74, you need license for the full spec of the Native SD. But if you're only interested in implementing the SPI mode, the simplified version of specifications contain enough information: https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/pls/index.html A simple google search will point to multiple software implementations of the SPI mode.

If the SPI gives you enough band width that you can easily write the incoming stream than I'd stick with SPI rather than Native.

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As far as starting out with microblaze we have a tutorial on microblaze on our wiki. This tutorial includes working with existing IP's which may help. 

From my understanding you should be able to write an SD card controller or find an existing one. I didn't find anything about licensing in my search, can you point me to where you saw that so I can better understand your question?


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Thank you Kaitlyn the tutorial on microblaze was very helpful for learning to use microblaze and the IP block design.

Mahaita SPI should be sufficient for my needs so im sticking with it.  

So far ive managed to play around with the microblaze and the ip blocks and made this: p4086.png



it generates and bitstreams but i dont think it actually does anything.

i think this would be the physical layer?

i have no clue where to go from here or how to implement spi code to microblaze. ive seen the fatfs module for the file system layer but am unsure what i can do with it


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