Hello there, I'm a beginner to FPGA boards. I only learned about them recently and I purchased a Nexys3 along with a Digital Design Using Digilent FPGA Boards (2012) textbook available from this website in order to get familiar with them. I've been following the textbook religiously but I've come into an issue when I attempt to use the Synthesis Tool on Active-HDL Student Edition. I put in the settings to get it running as instructed by the textbook and I get the following error: 


I've attached as much information in pictures as I can. I have located xst.exe and pointed to its location for the Synthesis Tool but the program seemingly does not acknowledge it. Any ideas?


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I have never used active-HDL but I think you assessed the issue correctly.  

Try adding the xst.exe to the physical synthesis category also. If that doesn't fix it then I am afraid that you will have to get a hold of active-HDL for a solution.

Best of luck! 

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