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One-Byte Only I²C Slave on chipKIT Boards

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On the chipKIT Uno32, uC32, DP32 and WF32, the interrupt is raised for every byte in I²C slave mode. The corresponding MCUs are the PIC32MX320F128, PIC32MX340F512H, PIC32MX250F128B and PIC32MX695F512L. I don't know for other boards / MCUs as I've only tested with those I own.

This bug/feature was confirmed at chipKIT forum and there's a related issue at the GitHub repository

Unfortunately, the question hasn't received any official answer yet. The suggested work-around isn't reliable as it requires to be set for every I²C master.

Is it a bug?

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Hi ReiVilo,

Have you tried using Digilent's DTWI library? You can find an example in MPIDE under Wire>I2CSlaveSimEEPROM. I know the native TWI library is a bit buggy, and Keith took a long time making this library as efficient as possible.


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