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PMOD NIC100 on Zedboard



I have used Vivado to create a circuit on my Zedboard to do some math and store the results in a FIFO RAM block.  I can use the SDK to retrieve the numbers and display them to my terminal, which is a slow process, and which requires additional steps to analyze the data.  I have a purchased a few PMODS (a RS232 port, NIC100 and SD card) in an attempt to get the data off of the board and into my PC.

I am looking for a "Hello, World" tutorial in Vivado and the SDK in which the Zedboard sends hello world off the board through a PMOD utilizing either a RS232 port, Ethernet, or SD card.  Any help in how to do this will be greatly appreciated!



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Hi Stuart,

I don't be believe we have anything specifically for the Zedboard, but feel free to take a look at these two VHDL reference designs for the PmodRS232 here and here. The PmodNIC100 uses a Wifi stack from Microchip, so it hasn't been ported over to FPGAs (at least to my knowledge). I'll ask our support team if we have any other tutorials that are a little more oriented to the Zedboard or not.


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