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nobootloader.ld for chipKIT PGM with WiFire WF32 DP32?


The chipKIT Uno32 boards based on the PIC32MX320F128 has two link scripts:

  • chipKIT-application-32MX250F128.ld for upload through USB, and
  • chipKIT-application-32MX320F128-nobootloader.ld for use with chipKIT PGM.
Where to find or how to develop the same nobootloader.ld for more recent chipKIT boards, including 
  • Wi-FIRE PIC32MZ2048ECG
  • uC32 PIC32MX340F512H
  • DP32 PIC32MX250F128B


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Hi ReiVilo,


After talking with our chipKIT guy I found out that those nobootloader linker scripts were only for debugging purposes. Microchip's MPLAB X has been updated to load bootloaders as well as the rest of the code, so that the nobootloader scripts are no longer necessary for the chipKIT PGMs. The ones that you see are there just for compatibility reasons, but are otherwise not used.




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