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WF32 project with user interface and wifi


Hello!  I'm new to chipKit development but need to build a project on this platform and hope somebody can suggest some tools and libraries to help me.

I have a WF32 board that I am connecting to my Macintosh.  On this board, I need to create a user interface that displays data to the user on a tablet and communicates this data to the tablet over the on board wifi interface.

I would like to use this wifi interface to communicate a data file to a base station and eventually over a cellular connection back to a server over the internet.

I have scanned the projects on the digilentinc site and found nothing in the way of user interfaces, tablets or wifi the way that I want to use them.

I found the displayCore library on the chipKit site which seems like it might be a solution:


But I have been unable to get any response back from requests to join this forum.

Can somebody please tell me if there is a tool set or project out there that does what I want to do?  Thanks!


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