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Brand new Analog Discovery 2 not working on macOS 10.13.x / MacBook Pro


I have a brand new AD2 that I'm having trouble getting to work on macOS 10.13.x.  WaveForms 2015 reports "No device detected", and the "Find Devices" button also fails to show my AD2.

The Mac is a MacBookPro13,1 [MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports)], the new type with the USB-C ports, but without the Touch Bar.  The AD2 is connected directly to the Mac using the USB cable that came with the AD2, using a pretty generic USB-A-to-USB-C adapter.  The device appears on the USB in System Information, and browsing the I/O registry, an instance of the com_digilent_driver_DigilentFtdiDriver class has been instantiated at the corresponding node in the tree.

Attaching the device results in the following log messages from the driver:

default    06:34:22.398724 -0800    kernel    Digilent probe8: initial probe score = 100000
default    06:34:22.398748 -0800    kernel    Digilent probe: Manufacturer Name = Digilent
default    06:34:22.398919 -0800    kernel    Digilent probe8: final probe score = 100001
default    06:34:22.398937 -0800    kernel    Digilent Starting interface 0

Detaching the device:

default    06:39:37.691288 -0800    kernel    Digilent Stopping interface 0

There are no /dev/tty.usb* device nodes.

I don't see any errors in the system log.

I'm using WaveForms 2015 v. 3.6.8, and installed the 1.1.0 driver.

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7 minutes ago, attila said:

Hi @thorpej

Does the following post help?


Hi @attila,

I read that post hoping to find a solution, but that doesn't seem to be the problem I'm having.  The Security pref pane isn't displaying that warning, and I confirmed in the system log that the driver KEXT is loading (and the code signature trust verification seems to be working):

completed: <SecCertificatePathVC certs: <cert(0x7fc37e012e00) s: Developer ID Application: Digilent (3GQCL4AKGN) i: Developer ID Certification Authority>, <cert(0x7fc37e03a600) s: Developer ID Certification Authority i: Apple Root CA>, <cert(0x7fc37e03ae00) s: Apple Root CA i: Apple Root CA> > details: (
) result: 1

(This evaluation occurs each time kextd loads the KEXT when the device is inserted.)

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15 minutes ago, thorpej said:

No change.

So, I installed the software on a different Mac (a 2011 27" iMac) running the same OS version, and it works there using the 1.1.0 driver.  Interestingly enough, however:

      | | |   | +-o com_digilent_driver_DigilentFtdiDriver  <class com_digilent_driver_DigilentFtdiDriver, id 0x100021411, !registered, !matched, active, busy 0, retain 4>
      | | |   |     {
      | | |   |       "bInterfaceNumber" = 0
      | | |   |       "CFBundleIdentifier" = "com.digilent.driver.DigilentFtdiDriver"
      | | |   |       "IOProviderClass" = "IOUSBInterface"
      | | |   |       "IOClass" = "com_digilent_driver_DigilentFtdiDriver"
      | | |   |       "bConfigurationValue" = 1
      | | |   |       "IOProbeScore" = 100001
      | | |   |       "idProduct" = 24596
      | | |   |       "IOMatchCategory" = "IODefaultMatchCategory"
      | | |   |       "bcdDevice" = 2304
      | | |   |       "idVendor" = 1027
      | | |   |     }
      | | |   |     
      | | |   +-o WaveForms  <class IOUSBDeviceUserClientV2, id 0x100021414, !registered, !matched, active, busy 0, retain 5>
      | | |       {
      | | |         "IOUserClientCreator" = "pid 77780, WaveForms"
      | | |       }

So, is WaveForms using the FTDI driver, or the IOUSB user client?

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4 hours ago, thorpej said:

Just in case it was a power issue, I dug out a 5V / 4A power supply, verified it was working correctly, and connected it up.  Didn't make any difference.  So, a variable eliminated.

So far, it works fine on an iMac and a MacBook (also with the USB-C connector, using the Apple-branded USB-A-to-USB-C adapter), but still not working on my MacBook Pro.

@attila, can you provide some details on exactly what WaveForms is looking for when it's trying to find the device?  That might help me debug this.

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Hi @nerves_rpi

The WF v2.7.5 already contains the latest drivers: https://reference.digilentinc.com/waveforms3

It turned out that the latest FTDI driver has some problems, conflict when connecting multiple devices https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/9205-macos-no-way-to-use-waveforms-when-another-ftdi-device-is-connected/
so WF v2.7.19 rolls back to previous on driver: https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/8908-waveforms-beta-download/


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