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Using Open CV with Zybo board


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Hi Alex,

Sorry for the incredibly late answer. My current setup achieves about 23-25 fps with a USB VGA camera. Depending on the usb camera the performance can be different. For example, I have a 320x240 camera that achieves 9 fps only with the Zybo and I have another camera that achieves about 15 fps with 720p resolution. 

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@Alejandro Wolf Thanks for the information. Once you have completed the project, we encourage you to share that in the forum at our Project vault.

@JColvin thanks for pointing that out. I guess I overlooked the Linux distribution in the post.

That actually was just a demo I did for some students. The end result can be appreciated here. In the end I used a HDMI input instead of the camera because of the faster frame rate. I tested it using a video from  my personal computer or a GoPro camera. 


I have a tutorial for running OpenCV on the Zybo board from scratch, but it is in spanish and does not cover the hdmi capture.

I'm not quite confortable sharing my proyect because its messy and I kind of hacked the AXI HP ports to capture the HDMI input and output the video with no Linux graphical interface. I'm not using DMA at all and yet I'm transfering full video frames from the FPGA to the processor at enought speed to capture [email protected] video.

I can clean up the proyect for the HDMI capture/VGA output and translate the tutorial, but it would take me a while.


best regards

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