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Zybo Board, Replacment, NOde-lock/device locked... Am I SOL


So I have come to the conclusion that My Zych/Zybo dev board has been stolen or misplaced. I am wandering if the "node locked" (OR) "device locked Xilinx Dev packages that I purchased will work I I get a new board of the same make as model. I had the zync 7010. What to do, what to do?

Since I have been spending more time on configuring the LimeSDR I revived about the same, I time hadn't even gotten a chance to do more than read the setup instruction and config. the tools for the Zync in Vivado.

I' still not sure if I should spring for the Simulink tools for DSP and SDR applications even though I am learning this DSP stuff on my own and the math can be intimidating.

Can anyone provide any advice? Is there another product out there that would be better suited to my DSP SDR applications. I also want to build a toxin monitoring system. No clue where to start on that one.

Thanks in advance.

Brian S.

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In the end, Xilinx will be the ultimate authority on their license policies, but my understanding is that a "node locked license" (as per this Answer Record) restricts the software to only be used with one computer/machine/dongle. It doesn't matter what board is used so long as it is inherently supported by the software. As for the "Device locked license" (as per this Answer Record), you are then limited to the chip that the software targets, so if the software targeted a XC7Z010, you will be able to target that same FPGA, even if it's not the same physical copy of the board. So yes, if you got a replacement Zybo it should work with your existing software.

I personally don't have any advice for your other questions though as I don't have any experience on DSP or SDR applications.


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