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M.Saad Ikram

XAPP 495 fixed on digilent atlys spartan 6


Hi, I was trying to get a single input from J3 to show on HDMI out J2 using xapp495 fixed on which can be downloaded as:


The problem that I am getting is that my output monitor says that it is NOT OPTIMUM MODE. RECOMMENDED MODE IS 1920x1080. The configuration of the jumper wires is shown in the figure below. I tried all button configurations but didnt see a single frame. I tried to implement VTC_DEMO seperately and I was able to see some coloured pattern generated on the monitor but if I implement DVI_demo/...... It took a lot out of me but didnt give me anything....... Serious help required from the professional engineers out there. thank youCapture.thumb.JPG.d3454000f6830b9eb27b7c3fbbb6537f.JPG3.thumb.JPG.362bf3960e0c97011f454f8a2509bbf2.JPG1.thumb.JPG.12b7631968067974d55d206e8b97a5db.JPG

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Hi @M.Saad Ikram,

Unfortunately, I have no experience with xapp495.  Hopefully one of the more experience community members will have some input for you. You might want to reach out to the creator of the source code that is referred to in the web page you link to. 

thank you,


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