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Interfacing Artix 7 fpga with CMOS image sensors



      I've a requirement to interface a CMOS Image sensor(MT9P006) with Artix7 FPGA. I've to perform image processing including autofocus and interfacing with USB 3.0 peripheral controller IC. Is it possible with artix7??? If yes, then what are the tools (like vivado ISE etc) required and what will be the expected cost for those tools... Is there any free software alternatives for them???

Thank you...

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Hi @Rohith,

Most of the Artix 7 FPGA's do not work in ISE. I would suggest using Vivado. I believe all of the Artix-7 FPGA's work in Vivado.  Here is a link to help you better decide if you want to use Vivado Webpack, design or system suite. The webpack suite is free. You can also use the design suite for free as long as you are not targeting an FPGA that requires you to use the Design suite. None of the Artix 7 fpga's that digilent offers uses usb 3. All of our board use 3.3v from the pmod ports. The only Artix 7 FPGA that would be able to handle the lower voltage needed for the MT9P006 is the Nexys Video which has and FMC. The low pin count FMC has multiple high speed i/o pins that have an adjustable voltage. You would need to look into FMC board that would work with the MT9P006.

thank you,


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