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AnalogOut Triggers



I am trying to write a custom application using the SDK in python that will synchronize a number of pulses (with a variety of frequencies and pulse widths) on both the analog and digital pins, to synchronize several pieces of equipment in my lab. 

I would like to start a pulse on DIO-0 and let it run for several minutes, and then click a button which starts pulses on the two AWGs which are synchronized with the ongoing digital pulse. I think the best (or most straightforward?) way to do this is to enable or configure the analog pins on the button click, and then trigger the AnalogOut AWGs on the rising edge of the next digital pulse. The AnalogOut should pulse for a specified length of time (1-5seconds), then turn off while the digital pin keeps pulsing. The TriggerHoldOff command would be great so I can trigger the AWG on the next  DIO pulse (but not all subsequent pulses), but it looks like it only exists for AnalogIn -- any other ideas on how do this? Also, is there a way to count the number of digital pulses which were sent before the AnalogOut was triggered?

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Hi @spri

Configure a finite run time in digital out (Patterns) in order this generate trigger evens on which the analog out (Wavegen) can trigger.
Configure digital out as trigger source for analog out. This way the analog out start will be synchronized with digital out.
To make sure the analog output remains synchronized with digital out specify a finite run time for this too, like the signal period or multiple of this.
With run * repeat you can specify the run length.


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