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Feeding AWG to the scope


Hi all,

Most likely this question has already been answered, but I cannot find any info.

Is it safe to feed the AWG of the Analog Discovery to the scope of the same device? can this somehow cause any damage to the AD2?

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Absolutely, to a good extent this is what the AD was designed to do. Either with the fly wire headers or through the BNC adapter board. With its limited ability to source current (5volts) not much chance of hurting it. With a lightweight, short set of BNC cables, feeding the scope or spectrum analyzer from the AWG is quite convienent. Of course you can only look at the signals created. Injecting components like inductors, capacitors etc requires some sort of breakout device like a breadboard. Then you might want to go through probes, but with simple low frequency circuits simply using the fly wires and header pins on a solder less breadboard will keep you busy for some time. Dave

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