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Nexys-Video-HDMI not working on vivado 2017.3



I get the following error when I am going to run the createproject.tcl.


Do I have to download an earlier version than 2017.3, if so is there a way to not do it since it takes me a lot of time to (uninstall and install) different versions.

The error is:

[Board 49-71] The board_part definition was not found for digilentinc.com:nexys_video:part0:1.1. The project's board_part property was not set, but the project's part property was set to xc7a200tsbg484-1. Valid board_part values can be retrieved with the 'get_board_parts' Tcl command. Check if board.repoPaths parameter is set and the board_part is installed from the tcl app store.

The reason why I want to run this project is simply because to see if the MIG7 IP is used without a uB which is what I am seeking for.



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