I am attempting to communicate to a Pmod RF2: IEEE 802.15 RF Transceiver with a Basys3 board using the SPI protocol in VHDL. The microchip on the pmod is the MRF24J40. How do I identify the address of the MRF24J40? To my understanding, if I want to write/read a memory location on the MRF24J40, I need to send the address followed by the address of the specific memory location on the MRF24J40. Is it written on the microchip itself?

The master and slave SPI modules that I am attempting to use are linked to this post. The documentation for the master and slave links are below. The specification sheets for the pmod and MRF24J40 are included as well.



Pmod: Interface_Specification.pdf


Thank you.



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Hi @waberrio,

We have not had time to make a library/demo for the Pmod RF2. We would not have any good advice for using the Pmod RF2. I believe Microchip has a library stack for the Pmod RF2. It would be for the pic32 and not an FPGA. I would suggest  making sure to look at the initialization sequence on page 90 of the datasheet. 

thank you,


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