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Can't get usable license for Vivado WebPACK


The Digilent-recommended way to get a license for Vivado WebPACK doesn't seem to lead to anything other than a 30-day eval license. What am I missing?

I have a Cmod 7 (Artix 7), and am following the Digilent tutorials to get started. That leads to the "Installing Vivado" page here: https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/software/tutorials/vivado-install-guide/start, which describes where to download Vivado WebPACK (https://www.xilinx.com/support/download.html, which now offers version 2017.3).

After downloading (1.5 hours) and installing, subsequent steps in Vivado > License Manager don't offer the same options as shown in the the above Digilent tutorial page. (No item "Get Free Licenses - Vivado WebPACK, SDK, free IP and more").  The closest option "Get Free ISE WebPACK, ISE/Vivado IP or PetaLinux Licenses" > Connect leads to a Xilinx web page that offers only Certificate Based Licenses (no Activation Based ones), and the only Vivado ones are either 30-day, or no-time-limit for WebPack 2015 or earlier.

So, I seem to be on the wrong track.

  • Has Xilinx stopped offering no-time-limit licenses for Vivado WebPACK?
  • Or are they available, but have to be Activation Based, and that requires a different procedure?
  • Or do I have to get an older version of Vivado WebPACK? If so, which version is the most recent that has no time limit, and where do we get it?

I figure Digilent must have a position regarding the best way to go on this, since without Vivado the Artix 7 products don't do very much.

Thanks in advance for any guidance on how to proceed.  -- Graham

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Hi @gwideman,

I am sorry for the inconvenience. We are in the process of updating our tutorial for Vivado installation. The newer versions of Vivado do not require a license for the webpack edition. You can also use the Design edition without a license as long as you are not targeting an fpga that requires the design edition to work with it. 

thank you,


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OK thanks. Yes, updating that tutorial would save a lot of time and confusion.

I later noticed that Xilinx's page for 2017.2 has a bit more description relating to free WebPACK than the page for 2017.3, though it's still not clear how to invoke the free aspect. Further confusion is added by the Xilinx page you arrive at from Vivado's License Manager, as that page omits the Activation-based licenses, and the licenses it does show include a Free one for pre-2015, as though you can't license 2016 and later for free. Evidently that doesn't mean you can't use 2016 and later, it means that no license is required, and you don't need to be using the License Manager at all!

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