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netFPGA and special HW


Hi, all

    I am very interested and want to know (before I buy and start using netFPGA-1G-CML) one important thing about HW used with this card.

Do I need special hardware except PCIe slot to use netFPGA? I want to use it on classical desktop PC with PCIe X16 slot.

Now I dont know if this card needs special kind of CPU or other HW component.


Thank you for help. I am waiting for your answers, because I didnt find anything about this.

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netFPGA-1G-CML can be used standalone or in a PC settings, more detailed explanation can be found at



However, there is no USB-UART bridge on board, so you might need to get a PmodUSBUART so that you can have a COM port connection.

(Please refer to Q: How should the UART be configured for testing the NetFPGA 1G CML board?  in NetFPGA-1G-CML Wiki page).


PCI-E slot on mother board has to support PCI-E Gen2 x16. The reference design, sample project and test are done with Fedora 20 and ISE Design Suite 14.6.


Nothing else is needed unless you need some other peripherals for your project ^.^


- Steve

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