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Electronics Explorer Noise (Noisy Input)


Hello all,

I am having some trouble with noise from the waveform generator on the electronics explorer board. I have made an op-amp, but the output is very noisy, I thought it was my circuit at first, but it seems the input signal itself is noisy. Noisy in, noisy out. If any of you know of a solution to this problem I would greatly appreciate it. I have attached images of the the oscilloscope readings as well as the inputs I am supplying to the circuit.

Thank you for your time,

- Micah




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Hi @MicahK555

Unfortunately the seen ~30mV pk2pk noise on AWG output of EExplorer board is a fact.
For such low amplitudes use resistive divider, like output 3V signal divider with 1k/10 Ohm to 30mV.
You might also want to increase the current limitation on the power supplies, with the specified 10mA these are in limitation.

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