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Pmod STEP: Stepper Motor Driver Compatibility/Function



I have a Nexys 4 DDR board and was looking to interface with motors for a project I am working on. I found the Pmod STEP: Stepper Motor Controller (SKU: 410-267) and had a couple of questions about it:

1) Is this Pmod compatible with my Nexys 4 DDR?

2) How many motors can this Pmod device drive. If more than one can be driven by this Pmod, can each motor be controlled individually or would the same signal be propagated to each motor attached to this Pmod.

Thank you!


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Hi @Stap1eman,

Here  and here are instructable that uses the Pmod Step with the Basys 3. The Pmod Step will work with the Nexys 4 DDR as well. This pmod will work with two stepper motors but only one 4 pin and one 6 pin.  They will work off of the same signals though. So if you are wanting to use two of the same kind of stepper or have different movements then you will need multiple Pmod Step's.



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