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Signal generator


The specs says : Two-channel arbitrary function generator (±5V, 14-bit, 100MS/s, 12MHz+ bandwidth - with the Analog Discovery BNC Adapter Board)

I have the BNC board, nog how can you put the Waveforms up to 12 Mhz ? It only goes to 10 Mhz ?

Sorry for this dumb question, but i am a newbie in those things. I want to put it on 10.7 Mhz for an alligment, that is one of the reasons why i bought the ADII.



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Hi @koenraad

In Network Analyzer interface to allow frequency above 10MHz under Wavegen options select Frequency Extended.

In Wavegen interface you can generate a custom waveform with 2 periods of sine, so the actual frequency will be double of the one you set. Alternatively you have in private message instruction to enable directly setting higher frequencies.

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