i currently have a project where i need to produce a tone from a zybo board and to familiarise myself with the board i downloaded the pdf from and the zip files but and i do the tutorials step for step but when i try to run the programme on the board nothing happens 

im using vivado 2017.1
i have the ports set to 115200 baud when i import the c code i get a warning from xparamaters.h 
i asked my project manager and they said its because im not using costraints but the turtorial specifically mentions not using constraints 
can anyone tell me what am i doing wrong despite the fact im doing the tutorial step for step?

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Hi @Colin,

Please provide screen shots of the block design in vivado,  what you are seeing in sdk as well as copy the error messages into a text file and attach to this thread. Here is a tutorial that goes through some of the basic for the zybo. Are you able to complete this tutorial?  You might also want to contact the creators of the book at the link you provided above about their specific projects. This is a suggested book on our site but we did not make this book.



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