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[Arty] signal order of J8 port


Hello, everyone.

We are planning to access JTAG by attaching a pin header to J8 of Arty board in order to confirm efuse access.

(I dont use USB-JTAG.)

Which signal corresponds to each of the six through holes of J8?

I check the reference manual and circuit diagram, but there is no clear description.

From the relationship with the D1 diode on the circuit diagram, I guess the following order.

Is it correct?

1. TMS_JTAG (suquare, 1 pin mark?)
2. TDI_JTAG (circle)
3. TDO_JTAG (circle)
4.TCK_JTAG (circle)
5. GND (circle)
6. VCC 3 V 3 (circle)


best regards,


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