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PC – FPGA Data Transfer



      I have some question about  PC – FPGA Data Transfer,I want to use synchronous FIFO mode to achieve pc to FPGA data transfer:

  1:I did not burn the hardware program into the FPGA board, only the upper-computer software to read the data into the chip FIFO, and then use the upper-computer software to read the data from the FIFO.Is this okay?as shown in the Fig 1.

 2:Do you have the upper-computer software to achieve  pc to FPGA data transfer by synchronous FIFO mode.like Fig 2.

My FPGA board is Nexys Video™ FPGA Board.





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Hi @wangjianli,

I do not have experience working with the FDTI fifo. I would suggest to reach out to FTDI support here. I did find some information about their fifo's in their application notes hereHere is a forum thread that discusses altering the speed of the FTDI to PC that might have some insight for you as well.



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