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Winston Gadsby

PMOD GPS UL94V-0 and temperature spec


I'm trying to determine if the current Digilent PMOD GPS has a UL rating or similar.  Does it have a UL60950 certification or UL94V-0 rating?  If not, how about CE?  Would it pass a UL94V-0 flame test?  I would like to use this in a telecom product that requires NEBS qualification.  Also, is there a temperature spec?  Thanks for any information.

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Hello @Winston Gadsby,

I asked some of the appropriate people here at Digilent about this and learned that all of our PCBs are made with UL 94V-0 material. You can view our Declaration of Conformity for the Pmod GPS here. I am not certain about the flame test. As for the temperature range, our Digilent products are commercial grade so the safe temperature range should be between 0 deg C and +85 deg C.

Otherwise, it is my understanding that Digilent products have only been tested to work as is; we have not performed additional testing to see how they perform as part of an embedded system.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

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