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BNC output configuration


I'm trying to configure the Discovery2 with BNC adapter to transmit three different clock-synchronized pulses to three interacting pieces of equipment via the BNC. I'm aiming for precise independent control of waveform, frequency, pulse-width, triggers, etc, all from the same master clock. I need precise pulse timing integrity at the khz level, with minimal degradation over 30ft+ cable distances, hence why we are aiming to use the AWG on the BNC rather than the pattern tool on DIO pins in WaveForms. 

The BNC Adapter for the Discovery2 is configured with two input and two output ports. Is it possible to reconfigure the input ports as outputs? If not, is it possible to physically convert digital pins (plus grounds) to BNC without signal degradation?  What other options might exist for transmitting three output signals with BNC rather than digital pins? Is it possible to link two boards with the same master clock? Or, is it possible to maintain the quality of signal necessary using the digital pins, making all of this a moot point?

Assuming it's possible to run three BNC outputs, is it possible to control this from Waveforms (given only two channels of AWG, where we need three), or will we need to write a custom application? 

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What type of application are you driving and what precision is needed?

A simple  inexpensive adapter/breakout board can convert the DIO to higher voltage/ currents in PWM

Look at adafruit tb6612 PWM motor driver board , chip is good to 100 KHZ

Output capability 4.5 -13.5 v and 1.2Amp

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