Jon Frey

Survey by Digilent

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Completed the survey , didn't realize that the discount offer message was only a number given at the bottom of the end of the survey.

If not written down before closing survey , you are out of luck?

Could have been clearer in the invitation to the survey.

Maybe send out forum announcement?


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Hi @Jon Frey,

Just checking, but I presume that you hit the submit button on the survey as opposed to completing the last question and closing out the window? If this is the case, I will be able to PM you the code.


For anybody else reading this thread, the Digilent customer survey is here: After completing the survey and hitting the submit button, you'll be brought to a page where you'll see a 10% your next order coupon code towards the bottom of the screen (black lettering in a white box, since it took me a moment to spot it myself).


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I was expecting a pop up window with actual coupon, or an email confirmation.

Something to save for later , since I need to accumulate products I want into a single order to offset freight.

I didn't realize my error in not writing down the number until I closed the window

Please email code to me privately



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