I have purchased the Multi-Touch Display Shield, see link below for actual model.

I have downloaded the Arduino IDE folder, installed the mtds & MyDisp libraries and followed the QuickStart.txt.

When I open an example from either of those libraries and attempt to compile, it fails and lists loads of errors (Please see .txt file attached where I have copied error messages).

I have my Arduino Uno selected and the libraries installed, there are errors in the followings directories:





Does anyone know what is causing this, I have tried both Arduino 1.6.9 & 1.8.5 but it shows the same errors.

Any help would be appreciated.



Error compiling for board ArduinoGenuino Uno - Error Message.txt

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Hi @Evan Marshalsey,

I was (presumably) able to replicate the error associated with MtdsHal.cpp (with the p32_spi not naming a type) when compiling for the Arduino Uno on the Arduino IDE 1.6.9. The error message that you attached is actually empty (at least when I click on it) so I am not certain if that is the same thing you are seeing. 

I am looking into this more to see if I can solve the issue or if there is some misinformation with the Pmod MTDS.

Thank you,

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Hi @Evan Marshalsey,

We have reached out to the MTDS library creator about the issue with using the Arduino UNO. The creator of this library is retired so this might take a little time to get a response for you.

thank you,


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