Digital Analyzer Protocol support

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So, while it’s great to be able to get a snapshot of digital channels , to be really useful as a digital analyzer the software really needs to be able to interpret signals according to protocol, just like standalone analyzers do. Sure, I get it if you can’t support any odd protocol out there, the main ones would be a massive improvement, like I2C, SPI, UART etc. Maybe just provide for it and let people implement and share their own protocols. Right now, you’dnhave to manually compare the readout to protocol specs, making the usefulness very limited.



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Hi @BobRob,

EDIT: I just realized that this was for (based on the location) for the OpenScope MZ rather than the Analog Discovery toolset, making my original comment invalid. I will defer to @Kristoff for the functionality that I presume you are looking for which is similar to the Protocol and Logic Analyzer tools in the WaveForms 2015 software.


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Hey Bob,

Protocol analysis is one of the features we've discussed but haven't had time to implement.  I added a feature request issue on GitHub to track this.  I encourage you and anyone else that would like to see protocol analysis in WaveForms Live to +1 that issue so we can use that as input when prioritizing WaveForms Live features and our other projects.


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