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Connecting IP+ and IP- terminals of pmod ISNS20



I'm planning to use the pmod ISNS20 for a project. I want to interface it with nexys4ddr board. The pmod isns20 has 2 interfaces: input : hall effect sensor's input terminals IP+ and IP-; output: ADC's output terminals: SDO; I'm familiar with the usage of the output interface with the nexys4 ddr using the SPI protocol. However, I'm not familiar with the input interface. I want to know if a sense resistor has to be used across the IP+ and IP- terminals? If so, what would be the equation of current? If no sense resistor is used, how to connect the terminals IP+ and IP- to the circuit? And again what is the equation of current being measured? 

I have seen the datasheets for both adc and hall effect sensor. Did not find any info on how to connect the IP+ and IP- terminals. Any help on this is highly appreciated.



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HI @suggi,

The is no need for a sense resistor to be used across the IP+ and IP- terminals. If you look at this picture from the resource center here it shows how the Pmod ISNS20 should be connected. 



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