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Zybo I2c Master

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I have the Zybo Zynq 7000 board (Z-7010).

I also have a Ti Msp430G2 launchpad.

I need the Zybo to be the Master I2c , send request data from the Ti Chip.

In Zybo i'm Using the I2c_0 Built in controller on the ps, i've tried the following Examples with no success(test failed Everytime):



then i tried to to troubleshoot the problem, i'v used the xiicps_polled_slave_example.c and on the Ti Chip i used the wire library, as I2c Master and a c program that Scans Addresses - this works

Therefor all the connections and vivado config are fine.

How can find a working Master Program for zybo?

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Hi @david.600,

I would look at our vivado library here. We have IP cores that use spi, I2c, uart and gpio. If you look towards the bottom of this website here we have out pmods listed with what communication they use. I would suggest to look at the Pmod CPMS2 as an example if using I2C with the zybo being the master. Here is the AXI IIC Bus Interface v2.0 LogiCORE IP Product Guide that should be useful as well.



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