Scripting Feature Request -- OpenScope MZ

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In short, we rely heavily upon the Analog Discovery units in the lab and have grown to rely upon the scripting features that enable triggered signal averaging and custom signal processing.  Is there a mechnism or plan to enable a similar set of features with the OpenScopeMZ.  As a stand alone, simple scope the system works well but without the ablity to script its potential seems stunted.  Ideas? Thoughts? Timeline?

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There is no scripting functionality built into WaveForms and it is not on our current roadmap.  I added a feature request on GitHub to track this.  Feel free to add details about what you'd like and how you'd expect it to work in this thread or on that GitHub issue.

You can also develop custom applications using the tools we developed to build WaveForms Live.  We posted an example that demonstrates how to build a custom application using TypeScript here.  The full source for WaveForms live is here.

Let us know if you have any questions about any of this.




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