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Doesn't work the tutorial(Getting Started with Zynq Servers)


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Hi Sergiu,

Thank you so much for reply.

The test condition:

tool-> vivado and sdk in 2016.2(on Windows7)

terminal SW -> Tera term

 I'm sorry about my short description.

The  problem details are below:

1. According to the tutorial, the project is running on sdk.(the project runs on stand alone OS-whithout OS)

2. The console in Tera term shows error("Connection refusal")





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Hi @TM-san,

Could you please let us know what step I.E. 10.1 that you are having difficulties with. On step 11.1 does it configure the IP to Did you set the internet protocol version 4 on your computer to something other than like So when you are connecting to the echo server through the Ethernet are you using the IP or what the IP was shown on the serial terminal connected to through the usb on step 11.1? Screen shots of the issues would be helpful if you can.



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