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Zedboard, Sample external analog signal using XADC to Digitize Sony XC-HR50 Camera Output


is it possible to sample an external analog signal using the XADC? Or do I need the AMS101 Eval-Card for that?
I'm using the Sony XC-HR50 analog Camera (datasheet: https://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/product-XCHR50/ ), which has a CCD Sensor. 

I am very new to Zedboard and trying do save the picture of the camera.
Thank you, kind regards

The Video Output is shown below:



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Hi @mosambers,

I do not have an AMS101 Eval-Card available to use. It looks like the card would facilitate better connections and potentially easier to use with the xilinx xadc header.  I have gotten the xilinx xadc header to work by using flywires instead of the card. Looking at the camera specs I do not see a reason that the xadc would not work for this situation.



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