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Using Videotiming controller for static image display



I am trying to use the videotiming controller provided in the VmodCam demo project to display static images on an HDMI screen, my problem is that the size of images used is different from the rersolution selected by the controller, can I modify the code to add a new resolution ?

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Hi @takieddine,

I have reached out to more knowledge engineers regarding the video timing controller for the Vmod CAM. Another potential option would be to preprocess the image to fit into one of the available resolutions for the controller, or have black space on the screen around the image.






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What is the resolution you need? You can just modify the following line in SysCon.vhd file:

res <= R1600_900P;

The following values are valid for "res":





Details of the resolutions are directly below the line where res is defined. 

If you need a different output resolution, you will need to calculate the necessary DCM M and D values to generate the valid pixel clock, and also modify remote_sources/_/lib/digilent/Video.vhd to add the desired resolution's timing parameters.

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