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PMOD OLED2 Lib with Arduino UNO


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Hello @SithRuoss,

Unfortunately, I suspect that the library for the Pmod OLED2 is not compatible with the Arduino Uno R3; it uses a plib.h library which does not play nicely in the Arduino IDE and also has a number of hard-coded optimizations for Digilent boards that are not easily changed (some of them I'm not even sure how you would change them, such as changing which pins the 8 parallel data pins are assigned to).

I'm sorry I could not be of more help.


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As James answered, unfortunately you can't use the library as it is. For example, if you take a look in Oled2Driver.cpp, you will notice that it uses PIC32 register names.

But maybe this library can be used as a starting point if you want to build your functionality. See how Microchip PMP (Parallel Master Port) is used and you canĀ build your own functionality to access OLED2. The library is rather complex, as it also implements character generator, some graphic directives. Still you can focus only on the part you are interested.

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