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Help getting valid 'Logger' readings (Analog Discovery Legacy)


I'm trying to take accurate readings using the "Logger" module in Waveforms 2015.  When I power up a simple DC circuit with +5V, and use a DMM I get readings of ~4.44 volts. However when I run the data logger module, all of the readings are <100 mV.  Shouldn't the logger be reading ~4.44 volts, or is there some configuration I am missing

Thanks in advance!

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Could you provide more information from you setup? screenshot, photo, circuit diagram...

Do you have ground connection between Analog Discovery and your circuit?
Especially for AC or high frequency analysis make sure to connect the negative scope inputs to ground too.
For better noise, crosstalk rejection use BNC cables or twisted wires (scope positive with negative inputs, AWG with ground).

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