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Not seeing an option to adjust output Voltage in "Supplies" in Waveforms 2015 (Using Analog Discovery Legacy)

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I'm a newbie using the Analog Discovery (Legacy), and attempting to run through a few experiments.  When using the Power Source or "Supplies" tool in Waveforms 2015, all the directions and manuals show a dropdown menu where you can adjust the voltage (0-5V).  The manual from Digilent's own website SPECIFICALLY regarding the Analog Discovery Legacy shows this as an option as well.  I can't find any such option however in my program, it just isn't there.  I should mention that I am powering the AD itself via USB from my laptop, but I don't think that is the issue as according to the status I am outputting ~5V via USB just fine, and the manual also shows the dropdown while being powered by USB.

I also don't know what the little green bar underneath is supposed to represent, as it moves up only partially seemingly to random places when I turn on the "Master" enable, in case that it something to be concerned about.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!!


P.S.  Sorry for the re-post I realized I put this question outside the "Waveforms" Forum.

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Hi @MAK,

Analog Discovery doesn't have variable user voltage supplies. The voltage is fixed to +5V and -5V, therefore you can't ajust them. Analog Discovery 2 has variable user power supplies and the option can be seen in the Waveforms software when you connect a Discovery 2 or in demo mode.

As you can see in the specification of the product for Analog Discovery says:


And for Analog Discovery 2


In the Waveforms reference manual you can see how it looks for both Analog Discovery and Analog Discovery 2.


That green bar shows you the consumption of the power supplies.

Best regards,


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