I am using vmodcam and have problem with image resolution and bad pixels. I have microZed 7010 board and I/O carrier and try to send image via Ethernet. First problem is, I set all the register values mentioned in the rm ( to get image with resolution 1600x1200 px. Unfortunately I got image containing 4 frames with resolution 800x600 px (attachment: bad_res_image.jpg). Before logging image I saw values in these registers via I2C and everything in the register is set as in the rm. Do you have any idea what is wrong? 

Second problem is more serious. 
In this link I send the results when I show only 800x600 px of the image
- in 70% of cases the image I get is wrong (picture 3, 4 in the link)
- in 10% of cases the image I get is shifted in some places and but we can recognize the shape (picture 5 in the link)
- in 20% of cases I get image which is OK (picture 1, 2 in the link)
But in 100% of cases my image have bad pixels.
I would really appreciate any help or even only a hint. Thank you in advance!
 Best regards


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Hi @czajak,

Unfortunately I do not have a lot of experience with the VmodCAM. I would suggest to look at the projects on our resource page for the VmodCAM here. that are at 1600×1200. Here is a demo application in 3D Vision based on VmdoCAM that might be helpful. Please note that this demo was not released, so it is not "polished". Camera Demo can get more information about the MT9D112 from here with a partial reference manual of the MT9D112. For more information about the MT9D112 I would suggest to request Micron for the full data sheet. I have also reached out to my co-workers to see if the have any input for you as well.



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Hi @jpeyron,

Thank you for very quick reply. I am using rm included in the attachement, it describes not only aptina mt9d112 but also registers in it. About half year ago I tried to use example from the resorce page of VmodCAM but I wasn't able to implement it on my board. I wrote my own source code and checked via I2C that values in the registers are ok and sometimes image is nearly correct, nevertheless the image had bad resolution. I'd like to mention that if I use debugger it's more possible that the image will be correct (it depends also on speed of going to the next i2c command). So it could be a problem with timings but I chcecked frequency of MCLK and PCLK  and it is 10 MHz.

I would be grateful for any advice!

Thank you for this demo application, I think I could use it for my purpose in future!

Best regards,



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