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Using the Rj45 and Ethernet controller



I have the Zynq 7000 board (Z-7010).

I'm trying to build a Vhdl Program that sends and basic Ethernet Frame throw the RJ45 onboard interface.

so far i'v constructed the Frame itself according to the Ethernet  IEEE 802.3 standard, now i see there are Gmii and Rgmii Interface and a builtin Phy controller but i cant understand how to use them all.

Is there a simple example of such a program?  - I use the 2017.1 Vivado and the Z-7010 Board.


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Hi @david.600,

The only Ethernet example  that we have uses either Microblaze or Zynq processors along with the Echo server template in SDK. Here is the resource page for the zybo that has the getting started with zynq servers tutorial.  Here is an Avnet forum thread that has some more information about using ethernet with zynq processor.

thank you,


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